Monthly Archives: August 2016

Summer Update

Time for some catching up – it’s been a while since I posted.

We’re experiencing our first August in our new home in the woods…. a woods we share with approximately 6 billion mosquitoes.  I’ve given enough blood this month to double my  life time Red Cross donations.   Dan has purchased Deet drenched clothing (yes – it is possible to purchase skeeter resistent clothes) since someone has to go outside to mow and tend the yard from time to time.   I have assembled a long-sleeved long-panted dog walking outfit that gets doused with skeeter dope before venturing out with Cleo on days when the bloodthirsty varmints are swarming.

Cleo has adapted to her new home well, although she has not given up her obsession for destroying my daughter’s lacey undies.  In honor of National Dog Day she ate four pairs. On the bright side – she hasn’t eaten a remote control for a few months.

In July we spent a lot of time with the grand-girls — they came for a visit in Wisconsin for several days with their mom (before the mosquito invasion).  We spent a day up at a local lake, taking full advantage of the beach and cool waters.  The girls were a little timid at first in the water, but they eventually enjoyed splashing around, preferably with grandpa. We found out that the best ice cream flavor is BLUE!   We hosted an extended family gathering – and it was adorable to see little X2 quietly adore her older boy cousins.

We spent a weekend babysitting the girls on their home turf in Minneapolis; while their parents had a rare weekend get-away.  We did a lot of fun things together, but mostly it was a rare and precious opportunity to spend some extended time with them, and really get to know them away from the hustle and bustle that often accompanies larger occasions. It is a different dynamic when their own parents aren’t there.  They are darlins (although they prefer to be called love bugs).

Dan and I went up for a hot air balloon ride; a long-delayed event that was the subject of a previous post. Dan got a little nervous with one of the techniques to slow down for the landing–which involved intentionally hitting a tree (I believe he used the term ‘punji sticks’ — which reminds me of a story I shall tell another time)

My son and his wife made us a wonderful dinner for my birthday last week– food always tastes better when you don’t have to cook it, pay for it or clean up afterwards.  It was a wonderful treat to spend the evening with them.

More to say.. but the dog is whining to go out…. maybe the panties she ate earlier today aren’t agreeing with her.